Street Cat BobFresh from the film set of ‘Street Cat names Bob’, James Bowen and his amazing marmalade cat came to watch Saturday morning lessons.

Bob and James have found international fame through their books recounting the true story of how their meeting helped James overcome his addiction.

James and Bob became popular figures busking around Covent Garden and their inspirational story has been translated into 26 languages.

“I love this stuff,” said James. “What you are doing here is great. When Bob found me, he was really sick. Having to look after him turned my life around. Caring for animals teaches us so much. Bob gave me unconditional love when I needed it and I can see how these horses are doing the same for these kids.”

When Bob and James arrived at EHC, Pedro was waiting for him in the arena.

“Bob likes horses. He often met the Police horses when we were out busking and selling the Big Issue.”

Imagine the smiles on the children’s faces when James leaned down and Bob jumped from his shoulders onto Pedro’s back!

Bob also met Zig Zag, our pretty little skewbald mare who arrived at EHC in the summer from Redwings Horse Sanctuary and has settled very happily in her new home.

One of our volunteers, Anna Jenner had knitted a special Christmas scarf for Bob featuring a crocheted version of Pedro to add to Bob’s considerable collection.

It was a really terrific day for all of us and James (and Bob!) have promised to return.


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