In January 2020 we had a call from none other than the producers of Blue Peter, asking us if we’d like to get involved in an exciting challenge for Sports Relief- teaching their presenter Lindsey not only how to ride but to show jump. Well we’re never going to turn down getting a Blue Peter Badge, and Splash checked his diary and he was in, there was just one hitch- Lindsey was terrified of horses.

Naomi and Laura rose to the challenge and helped Lindsey, over a few weeks, go from never even sitting on a horse, to getting a whole clear round of jumps on the day in March. Click the link below to see Lindsey’s vlog about how she overcame her fear by getting to know our gentle giant Splash, learnt how to ride and successfully completed the challenge. Well done Lindsey, we hope to see you again soon!  

Click here to see Lindsey’s Blue Peter Vlog.