Our Stories

  • Sheneka & Shanice, 17 yrs old (members since 2004)

    Both are currently studying for a BTEC Level 3 in Horse Management, having passed their British Horse Society Stage 1 exam in February 2013. Sheneka also received a special award for the highest mark at distinction level in July 2013.

  • Rebecca, 17 yrs old (member since 2011)

    Rebecca first came to Ebony Horse Club to try a "Riding Day" with L&Q Housing in February 2010. One of the first members to use the new riding centre in October 2011, her riding improved dramatically, and she is now at Plumpton College studying for a Level 3 BTEC in Extended Horse Management.

  • Chloe, 15 yrs old (member since 2008)

    "I live across the road from Ebony Horse Club and it's a great place to come after school to ride and volunteer on the yard. If it wasn't for Ebony I'd be stuck indoors."

  • Cameron, 14 yrs old (member since 2011)

    "I remember seeing the stables being built from the balcony where I live, so I came down and found out how I could learn to ride. It's changed the way I feel about life."

What our members say

  • Lynden, 14 yrs old (member since 2011)

    “Ebony Horse Club pushes me to be more, and gives me time and space to let go of what’s happening in the outside world.”

  • Jordi, 14 yrs old (member since 2005)

    "I like meeting different local people and having the chance to ride in the city. I love coming to one place to ride Blue Boy. He is a close friend."

  • Shavae, 14 yrs old (member since 2006)

    “I’ve made lots of new friends. Learning how to clean out stables has made me look after my own room at home and take more responsibility for myself. I feel more confident as I’ve been teaching younger children how to look after the horses. I do things that I thought I could not do. I never thought I could do horse riding. It’s made me decide to be a veterinary nurse and given me the confidence to go on and know I can do this.”

  • Natasha, 15 yrs old (member since 2011)

    "I’ve met different people from different backgrounds and it has helped me open up more to people – people accept me and I love to be around horses and keep busy … It’s increased my self-belief and confidence and I’m more enthusiastic to try new things. It’s also helped me sort out my eating habits and be less picky, and it’s confirmed I want to be a veterinary nurse."