2016 has been a fabulous year at Ebony Horse Club and came to a fitting end on December 17th with a promenade performance of our first ever Christmas play written and directed by Brixton based actress, Cerise Joseph.

It was a cleverly adapted musical version of Dickens’s Christmas Carol. Ebenezer Scrooge became Wihelmina Rouge and the old miser’s business was a livery yard.

A very poignant scene, starring Pedro the Shetland, took place when the overworked head groom and his pony were thrown off the premises.

Tears welled in the audience as Pedro was lead around while ‘Bob Cratchit’ sang a solo.

There were some excellent jokes in full pantomime tradition. ‘I’m not a charity!’ cried Wilhelmina when her staff demanded a pay rise.

Some of the Ghosts of Christmas Past brought the house down, portrayed as Chicago gangsters.

Cerise and the children, with our youth worker, Holly fulfilling the role of producer, had worked extremely hard to make the performance a real triumph.

Some of our older members and volunteers helped decorate the yard and barn, which looked wonderful draped with Christmas lights and a carrot stuffed stocking for all nine horses! Afterwards the audience and cast enjoyed a mini feast of mince pies and other seasonal fare.

The following morning, the horses left for their Christmas holidays. Happy New Year to all our friends! 2017 is the 21st Anniversary of the founding of Ebony Horse Club so watch this space for some exciting events to celebrate it.