Olympic medallist opening doors to success

Earlier this year we launched a campaign to raise funds to create a stable that would enable Pedro, our pint-sized Shetland to see over the stable door.

Thanks to the generosity of Ebony Horse Club supporters, a solution was found and Olympic gold medallist and Land Rover Ambassador Ben Maher was given the honor of officially opening Pedro’s new door during his visit to Brixton in July.



Pedro's story

Keen to help Pedro who was struggling to see over his door, EHC members spent the February half-term coming up with creative solutions to the problem. One idea in particular captured our imaginations which resulted in the creation of the Pedroscope, a pony-sized periscope!

This ingenious (but light-hearted and temporary) idea captured the media’s attention. Pedro and his Pedroscope appeared in several UK national papers, local broadcast channels, websites and was the topic of hundreds of social media posts.

But the interest wasn’t just contained to Britain. The story went global, winning Pedro an international fan club and resulted in donations from as far away as America and New Zealand.

Sue Collins, Chair of Trustees explained: “The original plan was to get Pedro a mini stable but Monarch Equestrian [stable builders] who built the existing stables donated a new split level door. This provided us with an even better solution and will allow us to divide a large stable into two.

“The donations will now go towards a bespoke partition so that Archie, our little Welsh pony, and Pedro can be room-mates. They’ve become firm friends in the paddock so it will work perfectly for them and enables us to free up a stable for another, bigger horse.”

To everyone who supported the campaign we would like to say a massive thank you on behalf of Pedro!