Jordi's diary - My first Pony Club camp

I’d always wanted to go to a Pony Club Camp so I was really excited to have been given the opportunity to go with my favourite pony, Joe!

At first I thought it would be really intimidating considering the fact that I would be meeting new people, but we ended up getting there and everyone was so kind and welcoming and already seemed to know that I was from Ebony!

Charlotte Steel [one of EHC's patron's] who had come to help us wanted to make it known to everyone that I had a show jumping master class from Ben Maher the previous week which put the pressure on a bit!

The first morning was a busy but quiet one; we all met our instructors and the people in our ride (two girls called Pip and Libby).

We then skipped out, tacked up and had our first lesson in the show jumping arena. We had a feeling our horses would be fresh and over excited in their new environment, and that was definitely the case as two members of our group fell off in a short space of time!

Each ride had a fixed rota of what they would be doing during the day; the next day, my ride, (the Orange ride) had XC, show jumping, flatwork and a stable management lesson, and this would be the same for the days that we were there.

They had given us a dressage test that each ride had to learn, and we completed against each other (Pip won!). I got 72% overall.

The last day was a competition day where everyone dressed up and blitz-cleaned and plaited their horses.

The first was tack and turnout which I won from my ride. It was amazing that I was the only “piebald” combination and everyone else had bay and black horses.

Joe and I ended up 3rd overall and we had also earned a rosette for best kept tack.

Joe and I had won a trophy for best committed combination and lots of rosettes for clear rounds in show jumping and cross country.

It was an experience to remember and Joe made me proud because he had improved so much throughout the week.

I’ve made loads of new friends and I hope that I can make an appearance at the Pony Club next year!.