Meet the Horses


Eddie is a 16.1hh Irish Cob and although he is only 7, he is top dog in the herd. He is a great in all-rounder in lessons but his favourite thing to do is have a lie down in his stable or share a haynet with his best mate Splash.  


Willow is a 15hh Irish Sports Horse, and at 6 years old, she is our youngest horse. A photo of her and one of our members was chosen to be sent out into space, so she truly is out of this world! 


Joe is the biggest horse on the yard standing at 16.2hh, however, this Irish Cob is the sweetest, kindest soul. Joe’s caring nature transfers to his ridden work, he is great at caring for his rider and is a very sensitive horse in all aspects of his work.


Splash is a 10 year old superstar cob who is as happy on the lead rein as jumping a metre fence. He’s something of a celebrity here at Ebony and has had a few media appearances including Blue Peter, Hello Magazine and has even attended an event in a royal garden.


Poppet is the smallest on the yard at approximately 9hh but is actually the oldest of the group at 19. Although he doesn’t get ridden, he still has a very important job here at Ebony. His small size means he’s great for helping nervous young people get used to being around horses and ponies. 


Blossom is 14.1hh and 12 years old. She is the definition of small but mighty. She might only be a pony but boy can she fly, she absolutely loves jumping. In her previous life before she came to Ebony she has a super cute foal called Tigger.


Pippin is a 14.3hh Norwegian Fjord Horse originally born in Denmark. She has a lovely quiet temperament making her great for groundwork. Pippin is on loan to Ebony from our Christine, our Admin and Yard Coordinator.