It’s not only riding lessons that take place at Ebony Horse Club.
We are always looking for new activities on and off the horses that help members develop skills that will help them in all areas of life.
Recognising that horses are an endless source of inspiration, we ran a Crazy Creative Writing session to get the creative juices flowing and help a group of members develop their writing skills.
The session started with an Attribute Adjective Alphabet game, with participans coming up with an adjective for every letter of the alphabet that described our horses.
Rocky was described as ‘friendly, tremendous and wise’, Joe was ‘inquisitive and kind-hearted’ and Archie was ‘cheerful and unruly’.
Pairs were then tasked to put their imagination to the test and come up with conversations the horses would have if they could talk. Buddy and his legendary appetite provided much mirth:
Beau: “Yo Yo, Why are you taking all the hay? You’ll get even fatter!”
Buddy: “I’m not fat, I’m just big boned.”
Beau: “We don’t get fed again until 2pm.”
Buddy: “I don’t care. Shaney understands my eating habits.”
Beau: “Really? Nobody likes a fat horse!”
The group ended the session with a caption competition; suggesting what horses were thinking, based on some hilarious pictures.
There were lots of great entries, but our favourite was for a laughing horse, named Wilfred:
“My name is Wilfred. This picture is one of my best selfies. As you can see, I’ve just had my braces taken out!”
Well done to all the aspiring young writers who took part. It was a fun afternoon but more than that, it was a chance for young people to explore their potential. That’s what EHC is about – building better futures through contact with horses.
As a charity, we rely on generous grants from charitable trusts, fundraising support and donations from individuals to ensure we can provide much-needed services and support to children and young people in the local community.
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