We are very excited that some of our supporters in the racing industry have come together to create a racing syndicate which supports Ebony Horse Club. A syndicate is a group of people who come together to or lease racehorses so they share any costs and winnings. There are three horses in the syndicate and we will get regular updates about their life at a racing yard, their training and of course when they run in a race. Also, the trainers involved are going to invite us to see the horses at their yards, arrange work experience for some of our older members and invite us to race days too. We are very excited to see our horses in action on the track and the opportunities this will bring to our young people. If you follow racing, look out for Mayfair Pompette trained by Charlie Fellowes, Spreadsheet trained by Jim Boyle and Starevitch trained by Jamie Snowden and give them a huge cheer on!