Riding Lessons & Visits


Can I book riding lessons for my child?

Ebony Horse Club is a membership organisation that requires a weekly commitment. To start riding at Ebony, your child first needs to become a member.  There is a waiting list and as a community organisation we prioritise membership for young people who live within Coldharbour and the Brixton area.

What age can my child join the waiting list?

8 years old

Can schools and social services refer children?

Yes, subject to circumstances - please contact us to speak to a member of the team. 

Do you have riding lessons for adults?

We take new riders up to 19 years old. If you have learnt to ride through Ebony Horse Club, you can continue to ride here until you're 25 years old.


Can we visit and see the horses?

We run Open Days and Saturday 'Meet the Ponies' sessions. Please call the office for details of the next session.