Calvin Cassar: ADHD

Calvin Cassar: ADHD

Alone and dealing with ADHD Calvin Cassar he could have gone down a dark path. Getting on a horse gave him an outlet and the strength to deal with his issues. Click to watch the video on The Telegraph website.

The role horses played in shaping the person I am today

To mark National Trustees Week, Shauna Leven, talks about the important role horses have played in her life and why she joined the Ebony Horse Club Board of Trustees. My happiest childhood memories are of my time spent with Sasha, my bay mare. Sasha loved peppermints...

A great day out at Brockwell Park’s Fun Palaces

As if I needed any more of a reminder, the day demonstrated just how much of an impact time spent on and around the horses has on the personal development of members. By Davinia-Anne Robinson, Ebony Horse Club Sports Activator and Youth Worker It’s not every Sunday...