ChutneyWe’re always wracking our brains for innovative ways of fundraising so we can continue to offer local children and young people the opportunity to learn to ride and care for horses.

Brixton Crunch – a chutney that will get you chomping at the bit – is our latest venture!

It is a limited edition carrot and apple chutney, inspired by our horses’ favourite treats.

Sherri Dymond, owner of Blue Jay restaurant, in Brixton village, came up with an exclusive recipe for us and made the chutney.

Not only did she give her time for free, but she also persuaded Herne Hill greengrocers, The Fruit Garden, of Railton Road, to donate the produce for free.

Graphic designer Hannah Rummery, from Dalziel and Pow, kindly designed the labels for free and long-time Ebony Horse Club supporters, PLANarama, sourced a printer to help us make the finished product look as professional as possible.

The production line was completed by eight volunteers who assembled at Blue Jay to apply the labels to the jars. Their efforts were rewarded with a spicy feast to round off a fun, and productive evening which resulted in 80 jars of chutney.

Brixton ChutneyThe chutney is currently on sale at kitchen and homeware store Cornercopia, in Brixton Village, with all proceeds going to EHC. They are flying off the shelves and we hope they will be much enjoyed over the Christmas period, providing the perfect accompaniment to cheese and meats.

We are incredibly grateful for everyone that played their part in the production.

It is a fantastic example of local businesses and volunteers pulling together to raise much-needed funds for our community riding centre and we can’t thank everyone enough.

As a charity, we rely on generous grants from charitable trusts, fundraising support and donations from individuals to ensure we can provide much-needed services and support to children and young people in the local community.
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