Dressed for success

Ebony Horse Club works hard to remove the barriers that make horse riding a cost-prohibitive activity so that our young people can access the sport whatever their financial background.

Hats, boots and body protectors are provided but members need to provide the rest, following simple requirements to ensure that they are dressed appropriately.

Like with many sports, specialist equipment, such as jodhpurs and chaps, have been designed to make time spent in the saddle more comfortable (anyone who has ridden in jeans will appreciate the difference they make!) but these items are often very expensive.

Whilst these items aren't essential (especially for those just starting out), many our regular members are keen to get the right gear to look and feel the part.

EHC recently held one of its regular riding clothes sale enabling members to purchase once-loved riding clothes for a fraction of the cost of having to buy them from the shops, whilst raising money at the same time.

As well as ensuring members feel comfortable and safe in the saddle, wearing the right clothes can help to promote confidence and a sense of belonging in a sport that is often confusing to onlookers when they see people in 'funny looking trousers'.

Prices are kept as low as possible, ranging from as little as £5 for a pair of jodhpurs meaning there are real bargains to be found for members and volunteers. The sale also helps to generate income for EHC.

Supporters are incredibly generous and there is always a lot of excitement in the office when packages of clothing arrives. 

We also get competition gear which means our riders look smart when invited to events and competitions. 

If you have any riding items that you no longer need (new or secondhand), but that are still in good condition - perhaps your own child has grown out of them - we would welcome your donations.

The next sale will be in September

Please note - we are unable to accept riding hats.