Clare Balding comes to visit EHC

Walking into our community riding centre, a familar face appeared and made an immediate beeline for the riding arena gate. From there, Clare Balding's gaze was firmly fixed on the riders who were listening attentively on their horses to the instructions of our volunteer riding instructor, Julian White. Occasionally Clare turned to someone to ask a question about EHC, the young people she was watching, or the horses. However, her attention was never far away from our kids and their riding lesson, especially when they began to jump.  Buddy, our trojan-looking horse, always in need of a little encouragement, and his rider were cheered on by the small crowd that had gathered at the gate. On a couple of occassions it looked as if Buddy would change his mind a couple of strides before he jumped. As the weather was warm and the summer evening light was at its best, the horses and their riders went into Wyck Gardens, our neighbouring park, where they were encouraged to trot and which gave Clare the opportunity to get a bit closer. Following her visit to EHC, Clare later tweeted "You know when you visit a place and it stays with you? I keep thinking about the people I met "

Clare, thank you for visiting and you're welcome to EHC any time.