Chloe, 15 yrs old (member since 2008)

"I live across the road from Ebony Horse Club and it's a great place to come after school to ride and volunteer on the yard. If it wasn't for Ebony I'd be stuck indoors."

Chloe writes about her experience at Ebony Horse Club

I have been given many opportunities as an Ebony Horse Club member over the last 6 years. Being at Ebony has not only helped me improve my riding but has also enabled me to improve and develop my social skills and self-confidence.

As an experienced member of Ebony, I have taken part in many activities, trips and competitions. Over the past two years, I’ve participated on a three day residential trip to Wales, where I was given the responsibility of a horse during my visit as well as the chance to ride in the Brecon Mountains.

During the summer holidays, I entered the Sunshine Championships competition and was positioned first place Handsomest Gelding on my favourite horse ‘Buddy’. I was also selected to take part on a day’s polo course at Ash Farm Polo Arena.

Recently, I have managed to explore other areas of the equine field and was invited to Stonar Boarding school, where I spent the weekend looking after the horses and did my first jumps.

As a senior member of Ebony I usually volunteer my time to the charity as I like to give back to the community during my summer holidays. I really enjoy helping younger/less experienced members and volunteers as often a as I can which has encouraged and inspired me to become a riding instructor. I hope and aim to help the younger generation to improve their riding, and hopefully give them skills that they will take through with them throughout life.

As a high ability student at St Martins in the Field High School for Girls, I was offered the opportunity to attend Brunel University once a month from September 2010-July 2012. I enrolled on a course called ‘Urban Scholars’ which was a programme designed for young people, to embrace the university life. This course provided me with an introduction to basic life skills and experiences that I could learn if I wanted to progress into higher education. At the end of the two year course, I graduated with 100%  attendance and was awarded “student of the month" twice. I also received a prize for the best presentation, based on Ebony Horse Club, which I presented to parents and young people. 

As a young mixed race female, I have just completed an additional GCSE BTEC course called Young Leaders for Safer Cities (VOYAGE) for Ethnic Minorities. I enjoyed the course immensely as it gave me the opportunity to meet and work with other young people that wanted to make a difference in their community.

In my spare time I enjoy writing poetry and have recently had three of my poems published within a poetry anthology.  Whilst working on the book ‘The Misfit Within Me’, Caroline Bird a published poet would often visit and provide me with constructive criticism and angles to take to improve my writing skills.